Luxurious and timeless. The essence of Waifs & Strays.
Our dedication and focus on quality ensures our products are the most desirable and prestigious.
Our leather is the finest, full top-grain variety , distinguished by its natural markings and offers exceptional strength and durability. The kind that improves with age and wear.
The metal ware is solid brass, inspired by ships chandlery and proudly embossed with the trademark WS logo and symbolising our commitment to durability, manufacturing excellence and thorough attention to detail.
Nothing has been sacrificed in pursuit of the perfect product. And it is these qualities, prevalent in every one of our products that will allow them to be appreciated for a long time.

All Waifs & Strays products use solid, cast brass metalware.
Metalware that is fabricated using traditional, craftsman methods and processes that produce the highest quality items.
It is the weight, the feel and the look of the metal ware, combined with the finest leather, which gives Waifs & Strays products their unique character.

All Waifs & Strays products are discreetly branded with our trademark logos.
Whether its embossed into the leather, tabs with a gold stamp or cast into the metalware all items proudly wear the Waifs & Strays logos.

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